Day 30

Well guys…. I finished with my tail firmly between my legs – ooooh – ouch !!!

Having thought I’d complete the 30 day Summer challenge in style I completely flunked!  I Even thought that maybe I wouldn’t add my sinful day and simply lie – just couldn’t do that.  However it really gave me a HUGE insight to what I have learned over this past month.

Today my breakfast began holy-ier than thou… I drank, ate, talked ED compliant and my halo shone shone shone… then I tripped at lunch.  I had to go for an appointment at lunchtime which took longer than I had expected and my gorgeous trusted husband came with me.  (The devil in tow!)

It was about 3pm and I hadn’t eaten since 7.30am this morning and my stomach was a-rumblin’ and food was a-smellin’ and I had nothing as a ‘rescue bid’ when he said the dreaded words to me …….  Shall we get a bite to eat from Starbucks !!!

How could he mention such a sinful place to eat….  as a dutiful wife I followed him into THAT place and I felt obliged to eat with him.   I had a coffee (mini black americano albeit) and a tuna & cheese pannini.  I thought they tasted delicious – UNTIL… no more than 1 and 1/2 minutes after I had eaten the pain set in.

My stomach gurgled and bloated and I felt so farty and rotten I so wished I hadn’t indulged.  The chemicals were killing my stomach and I got my due justice for not having resisted.

NEVER NEVER NEVER will I do this again.  It was a real light-bulb moment showing me how all the toxins from the ‘reconstituted tuna and stuff’ so didn’t agree with me.  WOW I really thought it would be an angelic moment but NO what a penance I paid.

Anyway, I think you get the gyst !!!

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  Halo, Halo, Halo – angel face I drank my gorgeous smoothie; banana, blueberries (must mix my fruit more) fresh apple juice and spinach.   Rye toast with a little butter (totally not required) and hazlenut butter to top it all.

Lunch:  Rubbish – total chemical intoxication of coffee (well, that part was sort of ok) and a tuna & cheese pannini (yeuch!)  Not wanting to knock Starbucks – just the fact that I can’t stomach wheat or chemicals.

Dinner:  A result.  I was so impressed with my self that I have taken a picture whilst cooking and when the meal was fully prepared.

Cooking and smelling good.  Onions, garlic, fresh ginger, lemon grass, bacon, celery, artichoke, chicken, tomato, basil leaves, proper fish sauce, proper soy sauce (ie ED friendly) served with rice noodles…. dreamy and definitely a DO AGAIN job.

Here it is in its entirety x

And so my confession is here ……  I hope to keep this blog going but maybe with more additions of recipes and more help for any of you who have been living the clean eating diet with me.

Night Night for now xx

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Day 29

Oh My Goodness we are nearly at the end of the 30 challenge….  I’ve gone a bit quiet here with photos but am still pretty much on track.

I will definitely continue to use the Elimination Diet but maybe on an 80/20% ratio.  The Elimination Diet is very easy to stick to but you do need to organise your menus to make sure you don’t stray !!!!

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: Rye Toast with hazlenut butter (different and delicious).  Smoothie; banana, blueberries, apple juice and spinach – my favourite x

Lunch:  I simply picked at some roast chicken as I was organising the remains from yesterday’s meal.  Hadn’t organised myself enough.

Dinner:  My hubby made one of his delicious Chicken curries.  ED compliant served with brown rice.  I didn’t take a picture as we ate very late after my final class.

Thats it for today x

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Day 28

Sunday seems to be on a par with Saturday…. this isn’t good as there are only 2 days left to complete the Summer Challenge.  Why am I so slack?

I have been ploughing through my water but mainly in the form of ginger & lemon tea.  I resisted a glass of wine at lunchtime so my hubby went for a walk to the pub with the dog and came back 4 hours later (!) you can imagine the consequences of 4 hours in the pub – well 2 really as it takes an hour to walk there and an hour to walk back.

Meanwhile I plodded on with more homework and more planning as I need to get everything in place for September kick off before I go on holiday.

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  Smoothie, banana, blueberries and pure apple juice – I forgot to add the spinach which I bought yesterday :\

Lunch:  Breakfast was about 10.30am so lunch didn’t seem appropriate.  Now I know that this isn’t good to keep my energy levels up but – hey you gotta be bad sometimes!

Dinner:  Scrumptious roast chicken stuffed with lemon, garlic and onions to make a groovy gravy.  Served with dry roasted potatoes, greens and green beans.  I also added a couple of bacon rolls as a treat.

No picture of this because I was so hungry and had a very hungry husband to feed – remember – back from the pub!

Anyway.  Back on the straight and narrow tomorrow xxx


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Day 27

Saturday – the hardest day to keep compliant…… Today I actually confirmed my holiday – hooooorrrraaaayyyyy xxxxx I had loads of admin to catch up on so another day sitting at the computer – so bad…. but so necessary.

This is just a quickie.

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: Smoothie, banana, blueberries apple juice but had run out of spinach to add to it – it is shopping day today however!

Lunch: I was given some gluten free, wheat free, additive free biscuits – these are definitely not compliant but I was celebrating my holiday confirmation.  I had 3!! But that’s just between you and me ;)

Dinner:  Steak which I marinated in garlic and olive oil infused with truffles – not sure if it really added any extra flavour.  This was served with new potatoes which I fried as it was Saturday night and green beans.

No picci and I didn’t quite get my water quota drunk – not the best day but not a complete wash out.

Tomorrow will hopefully be better:0)


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Day 26

A bit late in adding these next couple of posts – but better late than never – egh?

Friday was a hectic day as I was trying to book my summer holiday so was rushing around plus still looking after my invalid hubby who still has a bad back.

I managed to drink my full water quota and ate a great breakfast but oooops forgot or at least didn’t seem to have time to eat lunch.

Dinner was made with a fantastic recipe supplied to me by one of my Bootcampers – gorgeous chili pork.

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: Boiled egg with rye toast plus a glass of apple juice.  No smoothie today – what !!!

Snack:  Fresh air – forgot to take something with me :(

Lunch:  No time (absolutely no excuse but was rushing from place to place)

Dinner:  Minced Chili pork with brown rice.  Below is the recipe although I did omit to add any sugar and had no agave nectar but it still tasted oh so good.

And here’s the recipe……


1 pound ground pork

2 large onions, chopped

garlic cloves, minced

1 medium sweet red pepper, chopped

1 medium green pepper, chopped

1 cup chopped celery

2 cans ( 400g each ) diced tomatoes with liquid

1 can ( 16-oz ) kidney beans, rinsed and drained

1 can  tomato paste

¾ cup water

2 tsp. brown sugar (obviously either leave out or use Agave Nectar by Groovy Foods – can find in Sainsbury’s with other sugar products or in Tesco with Freedom Foods section – completely natural comes from mexican cactus plant and I love it!!

1 tsp. Dried oregano

1 tsp. chili powder

¼ tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

¼ tsp. cayenne pepper

How to make it

Brown pork and onions until pork is no longer pink; drain. Stir in the garlic, peppers and celery; cook for 5 minutes. Add remaining ingredients; bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 45 minutes.  Makes: 8 servings

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Day 25

On the last few days of the Summer Challenge Elimination Diet…. kind of sad really as I have been enjoying sharing my eating habits with you during these past weeks….

Today was good.  Mostly.  I seem to be saying this a lot – almost, nearly, except for, etc etc…..  I did have a teeny weeny bit of a problem with lunch but I am now far more aware of the benefits of eating – not that I didn’t know before – just that I would automatically forget to eat lunch as it just wasn’t part of my agenda – mainly due to work load, but I guess we could all say that, but also because I just never knew what to eat that didn’t make me feel bloated and heavy.  I now know EXACTLY what to avoid and just need to make more of an effort to get things in place to eat what is great to keep my energy levels up for the afternoon and avoid the horrid slump at 4pm.

Today I tried Rice Noodles for the first time – terrific…. they are a really brilliant alternative to the usual pasta and after eating a fairly large portion don’t feel at all bloated and sluggish.

So….  here I go….

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  The usual – you know it now.. smoothie; banana, fresh pineapple, blueberries, fresh apple juice and a shed load of spinach.  Today I also had gorgeous scrambled egg (well 2 eggs actually) with smoked salmon on a bed of spinach which I slightly wilted by dry frying beforehand.  Simply divine….. in fact, so good, I am going to share it with a photo.

Lunch:  Unfortunately on the go so it was simply a Nakd bar (probably just an excuse to have one – they are delicious) downed with my water.

Snack:  Cherries and nuts

Dinner:   The rice noodles I spoke about beforehand.  I fried some onions, courgettes (given to me by one of my lovely ladies at my Fitness Pilates class in Storrington- thank you x), celery, bacon, chicken, garlic, lemon grass, broccoli and asparagus, loads of paprika cos I opened the wrong end of the jar! mixed herbs and a teeny tiny splash of fish sauce for a bit of zing.  Deeeeelicious – Loook !

You must be sooo jealous !!

Off to bed feeling great x

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Day 24

Rain, Rain and more bloomin’ rain – can’t stand it anymore……

Rant over!

Apart from forgetting to eat lunch and forgetting to take my trusty water bottle with me and so not getting my full quota in the rest of the day wasn’t too bad.

Sugar cravings have gone sky high tho at the moment but this is expected at this time ….. if you get my drift ;)

I have kept with the plan however on that score ie not caving in but did treat myself to a Nakd bar – I think they are ED friendly but if the sun had been shining I think my resolve would have even led me not to eat one of these.

My body has been aching all day today so didn’t actually get to do my workouts – hope to recitfy this tomorrow.  I did however teach a few classes and had a few PT sessions so not idle on the exercise front.

On to my nutritional consumption for today…

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: Smoothie; banana, pineapple, blueberries, pure apple juice and a huge handful of spinach.  Porridge (organic and ED friendly) which I added some cinnamon and ground almonds.  I think I now have to admit to myself that I cannot get to enjoy porridge without my usual brown sugar dollop in the middle – I will no longer indulge in porridge until necessary in the winter to give me the blanket of warmth – as seen on TV!

Snack:  Zilcho!

Lunch:  Forgot to eat (!)

Snack: Nakd bar and lemon & ginger tea

Dinner:  Salmon cooked in a delicious sauce of lime juice, lemon grass finely cut, garlic, spring onion, olive oil and I did use a splash of fish sauce which I know isn’t completely correct but I need to replace this with one without the added sugar.  I had an amazing salad with this – spinach leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, toasted pine nuts and pumpkin seeds with a dollop of hummus on top.  All accompanied with some new potatoes. Scrummy :)

Cor blimey great !

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Day 23

I am sitting pretty tonight as I actually made time this morning to do my morning workout.  Now this is a bit of a misnomer as I admit that I have been failing to do these everyday.  However, its never too late to start (I did do them yesterday too I must add :) )

Have had quite a good day on the eating front but am staying up until I finish my last bit of water intake…..

I’m absolutely loving this Summer Challenge and my opinion of my eating habits prior to this ED plan have changed.  I thought my diet used to be pretty healthy but having stopped eating so much hidden sugar I realise now that it really is easy to recognise the unhealthy stuff from the good stuff.  I also have noticed more and more people in the supermarkets squinting to read the ingredients on packaged foods.  My supermarket sweep now takes a little longer but it is certainly getting easier.

Today I ate well ……. so here it is…..

Today’s menu:

Breakfast:  Smoothie; banana, pineapple, blueberries, fresh apple juice and a shed load of spinach.   I also had a boiled egg with a couple of slices of ED friendly rye bread.

Snack:  Cherries and nuts

Lunch: I was starving so had another piece of rye bread with avocado mushed on top and a slice of parma ham to add colour, texture and protein.

Snack:  Finished off the cherries and more nuts

Dinner: Now last night was a disaster in the dinner making department.  I have prided myself on being a pretty good chef but my skills are waning :(  Tonight I made a super mince delight with onions, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, celery, herbs, bacon, mushrooms but didn’t have any homemade stock so had to make this up by adding water and some sorry concoction of spices and more herbs.  This part turned out quite well.  I served it with roasted squash – sadly the husbands back is still bad so after taking my Bootcamp I didn’t have much time to cook so the squash was a little under done.  I also added some green beans (undercooked and tasteless) mange tout (never been a favourite as I hate the stringy bits although I did try to get rid of most of them) and asparagus – a winner.  All in all ok but the bin ate a lot of the veggies….

Looks good tho…..egh?

Water quota done.  Taken my supplements of zinc and magnesium (don’t think I’ve mentioned these before).

Had the obvious ginger & lemon tea throughout the day.  So all in all not too bad.

Thats it for now x

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Day 22

Woooooh!!!  Fasted all day today – this I can too easily do but by the end of teaching my last class I was completely shattered.  No energy, and kept yawning.  I also found myself watching the clock for the session to end so I could get home to eat.  (Never normally do this).

Got home and my hubby unfortunately had put his back out so where he normally cooks on a Monday evening I had to start from scratch at 9pm.  Dinner was ready by 10pm and I ate a HUGE meal so am now feeling really bloated and not like lying down to go to sleep.

I have added a quote from Dax regarding the reasons behind Fasting:

“Why do this? What are the benefits?

Well, as well as the obvious energy deficit that 24hours of not eating will bring, there are more important aspects to this.

First, after about 15 hours of fasting your body will release its UCP3 or uncoupling protein-3 which results in a fat burn of up to 5 times metabolic rate. In other words, your muscles become super fat-burning machines!

Second, your growth hormone levels increase dramatically when fasted too. This means that your metabolism increases due to having more lean tissue and, yes, you’ll become a super fat-burning machine : )

Third, your insulin sensitivity increases which means that you store less fat than ever whilst utilising stored energy and become a super fat burning machine : )

Fourth, you will lose 2-3lbs each time you fast!

Now, it’s important not to think of this as deprivation. It’s not.

You’re simply allowing your body to access stored energy by not providing it with any more for a short period. And remember, 8 hours of the 24 you’re asleep anyway : )”

I simply couldn’t have explained it myself – great and simply put as ever by Dax Moy.  Thanks Dax :)

Today’s very short menu:

Breakfast:  Lemon & Ginger tea

Snack: as above

Lunch: as above

Snack: as above

Dinner:  I made a curry from scratch with the left over pork from yesterday.  I diligently wrote down all the ingredients thinking I could hand this over as a winning recipe…… back to the drawing board – it was bloomin’ awful!  I had to eat it tho as I was really hungry and it was so late.  I did fill myself up with a side helping of spring greens (even though its allegedly summer (or is it!)).

Thought I’d take a picci anyway…

Looks scrummy in the picture but quite tasteless even though I added loads of ingredients.

See you tomorrow.  Got to take me and my heavy tum to bed x

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Day 21

Oooops… nearly forgot to add my post for Sunday.

The weekend has been an absolute wash-out which has zapped all my energy.  I was on the computer most of the weekend and so didn’t really eat very well.

I skipped lunch but did eat breakfast and had a great dinner – all ED friendly.

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  Smoothie; banana, necturine, blueberry, fresh apple juice and some spinach.  Didn’t eat anything with is which wasn’t favourite!

Dinner:  Wonderful pork from the butcher (it had stuffing in it tho which probably isn’t good but the rest was good).  Sugar snaps, broccoli and roasties…. mmmmmhhhh…

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